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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hobby Lobby, Eden Foods, Hippie Chic, and the Lexington Coop: A Deadhead Sticker on your Cadillac.

My local food Coop in Buffalo has shown its true colors by defending its connection to Eden Foods, a company that has publicly stated it will take advantage of the Hobby Lobby decision to choose what kind of health care Casper the Friendly Ghost deems appropriate for its employees.

Just aisles away from the fair trade coffee one can purchase the products of a company that discriminates against women right here in the USA. The philosophy seems to be, "Don't like blood diamonds? Don't buy 'em! and if you're opposed to sweatshops, better avoid aisle 3!"

The kicker is that it is a member based organization and it is clear the membership has no say in the matter. A sad comment and troll response puppet show has taken place on the Lexington Coop  website and facebook page but it's all very 1999. I suspect many shop with the happy delusion that unlike Whole Foods, their Coop operates on progressive principles. Sadly, no.The store manager states that he will continue to carry the products out of respect for the diversity of the clientele. At the sound of the word "diversity' my eyes misted over and the profiles of the current board of directors passed before me:

the whole spectrum,
dear readers,
of the rainbow

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