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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Impeach George Bush

Scamandros grows weary of the slaughter

At some point
either you or i must choke
on the offal
you make of each other
and to what end?
a hundred ships
is too dear a price
for any face.
glory means nothing
if to enjoy it you must be dead.
pull away from my banks
tend to the youths wallowing in my waters
pull away to those shores
where your glory is wise old age.
shields are ideal for nut gathering.
reserve your swords for cheese.
let the mad Homers
fashion epic exploits for you.
in two thousand years
who will doubt
it was the truth?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Proud to Fight the War on the Poor? Buffalo Housing Court.

pro bono publico

like stretcher bearers
at Verdun
we watch
bright eyed new leaders
arrive in glory
and leave
to disgrace.

as each new commander
slams fist to palm
'we have the formula!'
we know to order
of bandages,
of coffins.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A poem: Feingold for President

Feingold for President
Feingold for President
Feingold for President
Feingold for President.

Friday, March 17, 2006

It was necessary to destroy civil society in order to save it.

unless you are a villain
the hardest thing to do
when you must,
look them square in the eye
with great anger but no spite
and tell them
"you lie"

Bring the troops home.

More stories in the local newspapers about kids coming home corpses or crippled.
How much waste does this bugeyed bellybutton obsessed nation need before it wakes up and sees the violence it has enabled?
All the faith-based organizations in my town are using federal money to make posters that say "Nonviolence begins with me" but they don't mean it. It's violence that feeds them. It's millions that go to glitzy churches in the middle of hopeless, god forsaken neighborhoods. Pimp a million and you're a political player. Pimp fifty bucks and you go to jail.
Idiots rail in support of flag burning amendments and anti-sex legislation.
That kind of shit won't put eyes back in that young GI's face.
Balloon juice won't reattach limbs or reconnect spinal columns.
Every idiot with a "Freedom isn't Free" bumpersticker should volunteer in the VA burn unit nearest him.
Perhaps he will learn a lesson in personal responsibility.
Perhaps a lesson in the true complexity of reality.
They should see the fruit of their crimes.
They should be made to push it in gurneys.
Karl Rove and Hilary should be changing bandages at Walter Reed.
They should have to wipe the consequences of their actions off their hands between each bed.
And comfort frightened children ripped to shreds spasming sleepless forever as a result of great power malice: its ambition, its neglect, its emptiness.
George Bush can't be trusted with our rights.
George Bush can't be trusted to dig latrines in Iraq.
George Bush can't be trusted with the contents of a bedpan...
Every day some kid, brainwashed or not, gets chewed up and spat out by my government.
We accept it like overwhelmed infants.
We accept it like bullied children.
We should begin to act.
We should begin to act like adults again.
We need to be adult about this.
Adults who can say no
to the smug, triumphant, gleeful, selfish, heartless, walking hatred that rules this place.
We need to make them bring the troops home.
Or bring them home ourselves.
We need to bring them home.

The Grief Ahead

For reason number 44 why I am a socialist, check out Jim Kunstler's take on our great leading parties Mommy and Daddy at Clusterfuck Nation.
While you're there don't forget to follow the link to Zippy the Pinhead, who, surprisingly enough, is neither republican nor democrat but ought to be.
Now, as my cat potifrix is wont to say,
let us all bow our heads


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ode to Family Court, Boston, MA

Gruby Jonnie
help help help
Gruby Jonnie
im beat
so beat my leafy top
has gone brown
and missing
some east side matron has clipped it for collared greens
you could make the saddest beatest borsht of me
no sour cream
no onions
nor pepper
just bitter tears to taste
im that beat
no no
dont bother
with the boiled potatoes
im irish


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Hard out here for a Chimp

Serfdom (with apologies to Zbigniew Herbert)

it was so cold
you see
and the screaming gale
left my eyes clouded over.
so i could not look-
i could not look you in the eyes.
the winter wind
spring rain
the blinding glare in summer
autumn roils with dust...
so i cannot look
my gaze fixed to the sidewalk
an embarrassed grimace
on my face
and all the noble people
walk by in conversation
in haughty silence
in laughter.
they walk by,
wealthy couples
fearless free students
magazine cover boys
catwalk girls.
i would remove my hat
had i a hat to remove.
instead i wonder
whether i should step
into the gutter
as they pass.
i see myself
holding doors,
making way
for their clumsiness
for their mistakes.
in the mirror
my monkey fetures mock me.
my peasant soul
dreams dreams
of scythes
rage and pitchforks.
of liberation.
but i cannot look them in the eyes
there is too much dust
and too much light
and the poet was wrong:

our dreams
have been humiliated.

p. curtin

Friday, March 03, 2006

Just wired up that way I guess

Firedoglake has a great post about Bush's "problem" with the truth. In the post, she quotes Matthew 15:8 , "wherein Christ rebukes the Pharisees for doing a whole lot of talking, but not actually doing what they pretend to believe."
The quote is as follows:
"These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me."
Now see, this is probably why I never got far in religion: It never occurred to me that this was about the Pharisees, I always thought JC was just naive about hookers.

After the Patriot Act Vote: A Job Posting

Help Wanted.
Exciting opportunity for Political Party with any balls whatsoever.
Must have better than second-grade understanding of the Constitution- a document that used to protect our rights but is now of historical interest only.
Must understand that boys don't get to boss girls around anymore and that girls get to decide about their own thingies (I'll explain this when you're older).
Must realise that it is OK to believe in ghosts but some us have outgrown that so keep casper out of my government.
Must bear in mind that many of us are alive today ONLY because of modern science and scientific medicine so keep the sky pilots away from scientific education (unless y'all enjoyed the rapture of the plague and other jebus given intelligent designs).
Must love this country enough to stand up to republican idiots and war-mongers and coward democrats and radio fascists and "electability" and centrism and the bloody handed wombats that are running our economy and our freedom into the dirt.
Oh, and if you are a breeder, you might want to consider thinking of your kids.....

Anyone? Helloooooooo! Is this thing on?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The truthiness will out!

What I need these days, is a few good lies. Really really reeeeeally good, big lies. James Frey and his Million bucks for my mediocre life, Nancy Grace who lies for justice, I won't even start on the adminstration or the republicans or "center democrats" (when did Connecticut become part of ol' Dixie Mr. Lieberman?), but I need a lie to hit paydirt.
Contact me here if you've got some balloon juice we can market big.

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