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Friday, June 23, 2006

To hell with poverty

I live in a region with a shocking and obvious problem. The wealthy parts of my city, and the suburbs, are lily-white and car-based, and the slums are completely filled with minorities. White flight continues and most suburbanites won’t come downtown more than once a year, much less frequent any businesses in the ghetto.

So with some interest I’ve been following the ideas of the New Urbanists and until yesterday I found some comfort in their ideas. Simply put, they predict that when the real world catches up to American energy prices, suburbs will become unlivable. The crucial manifestation of this will be, after pleasure travel is curtailed, when commuters can no longer afford to commute. The daily ride from White Plains to Wall Street, or from anywhere to anywhere in a city like LA will become prohibitive. The return of the city-center will begin.

I still think this will happen in large cities but I’ve realized things will play out differently in places like Buffalo. Here’s my theory: People here will never move inwards, when they can no longer afford to commute they will move their offices and businesses out-into the suburbs. It’s already happening and it’s insane. We have this beautiful city on the lake and they choose to live in the snowbelt in the south or the swamps north of the city.

The energy crises seems set to undo years of desegregation and bring us back to the period of separate and very unequal.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Some things go out of fashion for a reason, others fade out that should be eternal. When, I ask you, was the last time YOU uttered words like "stench" or "Blanche"? The Disgruntled Chemist has reminded me of the need to promote such sonic wonders. Chemist, biologist or other, who doesn't enjoy the sound (not the experience) of stench? I firmly believe that stench should be revived-as a positive moniker. Some suggested usages:

Individual 1 "Dude, I just scored front row tickets to Adele Anthony, she's playing the violin concerto by Glass!"
Individual 2 "Bro', you're like, totally stench! She's righteously Blanche!"

Go forth, I tell you, and stench!

The Disgruntled Chemist: It's all so strange and new!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just back from Boston

I just got back from a splendiferous week in Boston and environs. A frightening amount of work has piled up on my desk in the meantime. Drudge work first, blog later.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

The MSM is Crackulicious!

I have been out of town all week. Mighty Mimas has a conference of Biomedical researchers. You will be, as am I, disappointed to learn they do not wear the fez to such events anymore. This leaves me to wander the bookstores of Boston, sample beers, relive my youth, watch the world cup and....................................................................................................................................................................................... slouch drooling before this device that I don't have at home, it is known as the "television" though some may be tempted to whisper its name in strange flickering rites held in the bluish dark: it is the gaping eye of satan and it is cracklike to those of us without defenses.
How wrong I have been, how unjust, and to think just ten minutes of the brain probe treatment known as "CNN" or merely two minutes of the other-oriented probe that they call "Fox" and I see the truth. Let's review:
Iraq is free and peaceful
all is well.
Mr. Rove is a man of great integrity.
no need to panic.
the economy is fantastic.
unless you are from a subhuman race.
the democrats are terrorists.
the democratic leadership thinks primaries are suggestions only.
New Orleans got what it deserved and will be the White City once again.
all is well.
all is well.
George Bush is brave.
George Bush is a genius.
George Bush will protect you.
Dear Leader loves us.
Dear Leader speaks the truth.
You cannot think otherwise and be an American.
all is well.
all is well.
all is well.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Intelligent Design: Preaching the Controversy

For scientists the phrase “How can that be?” is a question that leads to the opening of investigation: experience and analysis.

In intelligent design the phrase “How can that BE?” is a snarl term, a statement that leads to the closing of the mind.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment: With thanks to dear leader George W. Bush.

Our city thanks you.
Our nation thanks you.
We stop in wonder
and worry
that you concern yourself
too much
with us.

That kid in Niagara Falls
who lost eyes and arms
thanks you,
or would,
but the IED took his voice box too.

The people of East Austin
for whom you have done nothing,
thank you.
The people of Roxbury
and the Bronx
and Cambodia
and Darfur
and East Timor
and New Orleans
for whom you have done nothing
thank you.

We stand stunned
and amazed
that you would deign to reach down
among all the shit and blood
and lies
you have brought to our lives,
for us
the one thing you wish to do now
is criminalize

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Department of Homeland Security: It can't happen here

This morning a number of my co-workers found the following memo on their desks:

"All employees hired after November 6, 1986 must complete a Form I-9. The Department of Homeland Security requires the form to be completed within three business days of the date of employment or the employee must be terminated. I have reviewed your file and it appears that the form was never completed as required."

The rest of the memo deals with filling out the form. I have a number of questions about this:

1. Is DHS checking all the I-9 forms in the country?
2. If not, is DHS investigating only organizations likely to have "Reds under the bed"? If so, it's a really stupid way to do it. This Red provided proper documentation his first day at work.
3. Who the hell gave DHS (an organization that does nothing but strut, spy, flail, and flush tax dollars down the toilet) the power to fire workers?
4. When the fuck did I go to sleep in my country and wake up in a "Homeland"?


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