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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inhofe: A further example of why all is well.

So folks, or perhaps, being outed, I should say: Achtung!Achtung! and then Hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! All the while shaking my monocle...
Who knew that by supporting the scientific consensus I was merely playing the role of dupe to my scientific betters, meine Oberkomendanten, as it were.

Sen. Inhofe, who knows better than say, the vast majority of individuals who have dedicated their lives to studying such things, has stated that the supporters of global warming are like Nazi's.
If so, I ask, where is my uniform huh? Where all the Aryan global warming babes at?

Sen. Inhofe, having shamed me (with the ultimate slur) out of supporting earth science, may I get some official sanction on some other Nazi stuff I've been carrying around. Please get back to me on the following:

The Theory of Gravitation (I know it's only a theory, but still)
Bose-Einstein Condensation (I simply can't trust those two)
The Hydrogen Bond (that one always had the whiff of storm trooper to it)
(gulp!) Evilution (I just want to be sure!)

While you are thinking about those please also answer this: How can a supporter of George W. Bush, with a straight face, accuse ANYONE of fascist thoughts or techniques. Does no one on your staff have a memo re: irony, you pathetic gasbag, I mean sir!

I am,
yours truly,
also only following orders

Hawking Heil!


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