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Friday, July 14, 2006

New English for Godless Traitors

I turned my head one day some years ago and when I turned back everything had changed around here. The material world looked the same but it was different, and, more importantly, the language I thought was my native tongue was foreign to me.

George W. Bush, in describing his thoughts about the situation in Lebanon states that he will support the Agents of Peace. He was talking about the folks who had just invaded a sovereign nation, again.

In the American English of my youth "thoughts" would have been pronounced "insane delusions", "situation" would have been "invasion" or "war", and "Agents of Peace" would translate as "aggressors in violation of international law".

In closing, let me simply tell you that all is well. Nothing is happening. Don't worry. Go shopping, burn gas. All is well.

Old American English, more succinct, if earthy, would have captured the preceding sentiments thus:

We are totally fucked.



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