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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Piper Alpha: A Lament

July 6, 1988

Where are the men of my company?
I do not want to die

The sky was fire
the sea was fire
steel was fire
and a pillar of flame
scorched Aberdeen,
for endless years to come.

The sea was fire
flesh was fire
breath was fire.
Beneath the waves
a raging snake
spat death into the air.
Still the neighboring isles
looked on amazed
and stayed their hands in hope.

The wind is foul, the waves are cursed
their dreams are dark
their words are black.
Under a gray and empty sky
as children stare, and widows keen
for those who won’t come home.

Hands were fire
now hearts are fire
where are the men
of my company?
I do not want
to die


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