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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inhofe: A further example of why all is well.

So folks, or perhaps, being outed, I should say: Achtung!Achtung! and then Hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! All the while shaking my monocle...
Who knew that by supporting the scientific consensus I was merely playing the role of dupe to my scientific betters, meine Oberkomendanten, as it were.

Sen. Inhofe, who knows better than say, the vast majority of individuals who have dedicated their lives to studying such things, has stated that the supporters of global warming are like Nazi's.
If so, I ask, where is my uniform huh? Where all the Aryan global warming babes at?

Sen. Inhofe, having shamed me (with the ultimate slur) out of supporting earth science, may I get some official sanction on some other Nazi stuff I've been carrying around. Please get back to me on the following:

The Theory of Gravitation (I know it's only a theory, but still)
Bose-Einstein Condensation (I simply can't trust those two)
The Hydrogen Bond (that one always had the whiff of storm trooper to it)
(gulp!) Evilution (I just want to be sure!)

While you are thinking about those please also answer this: How can a supporter of George W. Bush, with a straight face, accuse ANYONE of fascist thoughts or techniques. Does no one on your staff have a memo re: irony, you pathetic gasbag, I mean sir!

I am,
yours truly,
also only following orders

Hawking Heil!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Rapture

I see the "armageddenouttahere" crowd are all excited about the turn of events (i.e. war) in the Middle East because they're pretty sure it heralds the coming of the Rapture.
I, on the other hand, am pretty sure these folks have a deep-seated gore fetish. They love seeing other people suffer, then cover their sick desire with sky-pilot mumbo-jumbo. How else can you explain the glee they feel when other people are blown to shreds? It's what they want to happen!
Apologies for the repeat post, but I can't repeat the following often enough:

Please don't feel obligated
to wait for the Rapture on our account.
Y'all can clear out right now
as far as I'm concerned...
now git!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prosecuting the Katrina Medics:(WARNING! Adult topics and language)

So they finally got around to charging the alleged mercy killers.
Let me ask you this: who is really responsible for these deaths? Hm?
What ever happened to respondeat superior, if I may be so bold?
Where were the police and the DA and the ADA's and the other agents of prosecution when these people retreated to the upper stories of neglected hospitals and hand pumped ventilators and watched terminal patients suffer and searched for medicines and watched the water rise and realized they were alone and had to decide what to do with people who could not be helped?
Where was the DA then?
I bet the prosecution wasn't anywhere near NO the whole time.
Fuck you, you fucking fuck.
In my book anyone who condemns them had better have pushed a lot of gurnnies and cleaned a lot of shit and blood off of strangers just before the roof collapsed.
Because otherwise they don't have a clue as to what they would do, and they sure as shit can't bad mouth the ones who could have left, but stayed.

I say we raise money for the defense.

The GOP to the Rescue!

Now that the military is allowing members of hate groups to enlist, the chickenhawk College Republicans are free at last to sign up or shut up!
I'm waiting. (Said with the voice of Ronald Reagan)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

George W. Bush: Simple answers from a simple mind

Mr. Bush appears to have used an infant as a prop when he signed the stem cell legislation veto. The child can be excused for not realizing that his future is being destroyed on all fronts, George Bush however, cannot.

Friday, July 14, 2006

New English for Godless Traitors

I turned my head one day some years ago and when I turned back everything had changed around here. The material world looked the same but it was different, and, more importantly, the language I thought was my native tongue was foreign to me.

George W. Bush, in describing his thoughts about the situation in Lebanon states that he will support the Agents of Peace. He was talking about the folks who had just invaded a sovereign nation, again.

In the American English of my youth "thoughts" would have been pronounced "insane delusions", "situation" would have been "invasion" or "war", and "Agents of Peace" would translate as "aggressors in violation of international law".

In closing, let me simply tell you that all is well. Nothing is happening. Don't worry. Go shopping, burn gas. All is well.

Old American English, more succinct, if earthy, would have captured the preceding sentiments thus:

We are totally fucked.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Syd Barrett

I'm sad to see that Syd has died. He seemed to be a sweet, gentle person and he wrote some of my favorite songs. I remember playing some of them on a twelve string to my niece (who knew the words to "Bike" and "The Gnome" at the age of four)when she was tiny. I was a fan of later Pink Floyd but in contrast to the early stuff they became dark and bad trippy. After Syd there would be no mouse without a house nor knicker thefts. After Ummagumma Roger Waters gave up on Gnomes and sunshine for good. I think many many musicians owe an unacknowledged debt to Syd. I think I'll listen to Piper at the Gates of Dawn when I get home tonight.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

George W. Bush is a Disgrace

I know the folks at Fafblog would have said this with more panache and wild humor but nobody's posting over there so I have to take up the slack.

I'm just sayin'

My pie blogging isn't too pretty either.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Piper Alpha: A Lament

July 6, 1988

Where are the men of my company?
I do not want to die

The sky was fire
the sea was fire
steel was fire
and a pillar of flame
scorched Aberdeen,
for endless years to come.

The sea was fire
flesh was fire
breath was fire.
Beneath the waves
a raging snake
spat death into the air.
Still the neighboring isles
looked on amazed
and stayed their hands in hope.

The wind is foul, the waves are cursed
their dreams are dark
their words are black.
Under a gray and empty sky
as children stare, and widows keen
for those who won’t come home.

Hands were fire
now hearts are fire
where are the men
of my company?
I do not want
to die

Headlines from the Impeachment 

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